Mini Sessions are short and sweet versions of my full portrait sessions. They are offered a few times a year, typcially on one Saturday and one Sunday, and are crafted for a special holiday or seasonally-related theme. If you just want a few beautiful portraits for a card, gift, or memories, than Mini Sessions are made just for you. Unless otherwise specified, all Mini Sessions will be located in Riverside, California in a location of the photographer's choosing that fits the flow and type of session offered. Several sessions are usually scheduled back to back, so punctuality is crucial.


Unless otherwise specified, all Mini Sessions include:

  • 20 Minute Sitting for up to 5 individuals* (pets included)
  • An Online Gallery of 15-30 Digital Negatives
  • 5 FREE Digital Negative Downloads of your choice selected by you
  • Print Release for Personal Use
  • An occassional gift such as a free 8x10 with your first Print Order


Yes. Mini Sessions are only possible if you have 5 or less individuals in your group. Pets are welcome, but for the purposes of Mini Sessions, each one counts as an individual. There are also no refunds or rescheduling for Mini Sessions if you book and find out later you cannot attend. However you may transfer and gift your session to a loved one if this is the case. 


Then you are in luck! If you are looking to have more than 5 individuals photographed, have young chidlren that will need more time, or if you simply just want more variety, you can upgrade to the Full Hour Session for a discounted rate! One Hour Local Sessions are valued at $475 year-round, however on Mini Sessions day they are just $399! With the Full Hour Session you get to enjoy all the perks including:

  • 60 Minute Sitting for any number of individuals
  • An Online Gallery of 45-85 Digital Negatives
  • The COMPLETE set of Digital Negatives
  • Print Release for Personal Use


Scroll down for answers to these and more Frequently Asked Questions!


How do I book a time slot?

You can view the current available time slots and request the one you'd like by clicking HERE. I'll review the request and get back to you with any questions, typically just a confirmation of the number of individuals. Once this is confirmed, you'll be sent an Online Deposit of $100.00 and given 24 hours to complete payment. Once your deposit is paid you'll be officially booked and your time slot will be reserved just for you.

When and how do I pay the balance?

You can pay the balance either the day before or day of via online payment. Please note a 3% processing fee will apply to pay your balance via online payments. Alternatively you can choice to pay your balance with cash or Venmo.

What should my family and I wear?  

While I leave this choice ultimately up to you, I do have a few suggestions! First, consider the look you are going for, whether it's formal or informal or somewhere in between. Usually my clients go for blue jeans, tan slacks, and/or fun dresses or textiles. My philosophy is have fun with it! When you are thinking about color, think about which color palette, or set of colors, will best compliment your family and look. Some palettes that work excellent in a park setting are picking one or two neutrals, such as creme or tan, and two brighter colors such as purples, pinks, peaches, blues, yellows, or oranges. Colors to avoid in parks are green, since we will be in a green park. Other things to avoid is too many dark colors - we want you to feel light and bright! - and very bold/distracting prints since our focus in on relationshiops. Once you've decided on your palette, find your first key pieces and build from there. Consider adding in textiles and pieces with bits of pattern or movement to add variety and interest to your portraits when possible. Above all, make sure you love how you look when you turn around in the mirror! Be YOU. If you feel good, you'll look good.

Do I bring props? 

Props are always optional as my main focus is always on family relationships. However if you have a prop such as a sign or cute blanket feel free to bring it! For Mini Sessions there's really only time for maybe one prop, so bring your favorite one. If you booked a One Hour booking, feel free to bring a variety. I can always help you pick the best ones :)

Should we arrive early? How will we find you?

Definitely YES. Please arrive 10 minutes early to make sure we can start right on time for your Mini Session. Occassionally you may be asked to arrive 15 minutes early if there is a short walk from the nearest parking. You will recieve specific instructions on where to park and when to arrive via text or email. 

How long will it take to receive our pictures?

Your Online Viewing and Ordering Gallery will be available one to two weeks after your session date and it will be live for four weeks. Once up, you will be able to immediately view your complete set and download your FREE five Digital Negatives as well as place any print or product orders at your convenience. If you need your pictures before then, feel free to email and ask me for the pricing of priority rush edits.

Can you send Sneak Peaks?  

Unfortunately there are no Sneak Peaks for Mini Sessions or One Hour Sessions on Mini Session Days.

How many pictures will be in the gallery?

Depending on the flow of your Mini Session, all Mini Session galleries will include between 15 and 30 final portraits. One Hour Sessions may include up to 85 images.