• Sexy Lexy - Maternity Boudior

    Sexy Lexy - Maternity Boudior

     I wanted to do a maternity boudoir photoshoot for my husband because my body will only be this gorgeous once. As my body kept growing and I would cry from insecurities he was sure to remind me how beautiful I actually am and how thankful he was for me to be carrying his baby. Lindsay Ricketts was my first choice to capture this special time in my life simply because she makes the "model" feel so comfortable and beautiful while making you laugh at the same time. The professionalism was outstanding. It was so nerve wracking for me to get darn near naked and pose as if to seduce the camera and she just made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Heads up when you choose Lindsay to take your photos there are two rules! 1) Don't talk negatively about your body 2) Have fun. If I ever get the chance to be pregnant again I will definitely be doing this again!! Thank you Lindsay for a life changing experience and beautiful photos to show for it!